These 3 Songstresses from unique backgrounds bring their musical talents together in an extraordinary display of captivating original pieces, incorporating Afro Beats, Funky rhythms and serene angelic harmonies.

Emily Rosner (Harp, Vocals) and Talia Browne met 5 years ago while developing another project and realising their musical connection, they sought to complete the sound they had begun.

In 2010 they collaborated with Ellisa Scott,(Vocals, keys and flute). She was the perfect choice, bringing a lush vocal style to the mix and her versatility is outstanding.

Emily and Talia both teach instrumental music and are currently performing with other outfits, as well as being accomplished session musicians they are well established in the Melbourne music scene.

Zikora's music speaks very honestly about life, love and everything in between.

Despite the serious musical hardware, Zikora's music is not without a healthy dose of lyrical tongue in cheek.


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